Friday, November 04, 2011

Stairs. Done. Almost.

Only 1% of the basement renovation is left.  And the stairs make up about 99% of that 1%.  So how excited was I to see the paper come up, the sanding begin and the stain being applied this week?  When the last coat of stain went on yesterday morning followed by the first layer of clear coat in the evening, I breathed a relaxed sigh.


Until I touched the top step before I went to bed 7 hours later.  Tacky.  Sticky.  Gummy.  Not good descriptors for stairs.  Still not good the next morning, either. 

The dehumidifier we parked at the top of the steps has been running all day.  With any luck, it will suck those descriptors right up.  I wonder if it could suck the water out of the wet load of laundry stuck in the washer?

Update: Stairs finally dried (mostly) by Sunday night.  That's 72 hours later...  I removed all the plastic covers from the TV, console and furniture...and moved all the small furniture pieces back down.  Nope, no footprints on the steps.  And no mold on the wet clothes in the washer.  Phew!

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