Monday, November 07, 2011

Rug Love.

During the late stages of finishing our basement, Steve's friend & co-worker stopped by to have a look around.  He's an amazing interior designer trapped in a sound engineer's body.  His ideas were fantastic and since putting them into place, I truly believe he has a second calling.

So when he recommended the Jute Boucle Rug at West Elm in Platinum, I didn't hesitate a bit.  Except, West Elm did.  When I called to purchase it, they told me the 8x10 was on backorder.  And not expected to arrive until end of November.  :(

Imagine my excitement when I got a call late last week saying it arrived and was waiting for me...

We moved the 5x7 (same rug, same color) from its temporary home in the living area over to the play area.

George has rug love
At first I thought maybe the same rug twice would be overkill?  Too much?  Too same-y same-y?  But I learned not to question the wise designer.

View from bar
It looks amazing.  They connect the space perfectly while designating two separate areas.  And the Platinum color couldn't possibly compliment the grout better. 

View from the living area
So, yes.  Rug love. 

But those stairs look pretty good, too, don't they?  Well worth the 72 hour wait.

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