Friday, February 10, 2012


Today was a good day.  Got a major "to do" knocked off the list.

A visit to the US Consulate.

George applied to become American.  And Jake renewed his US passport.  All should be official in 2-3 weeks.  Yesssss.

It's not that getting there is hard.  It's all the hoops you jump to walk in the door.  The list of "not acceptable items" is longer than the airport (no remote car keys...whaaa?).  The number of doors buzzed by a guard to let you pass.  The strange feeling you've entered a time warp to 1970 when you've entered the inner sanctum. 

(this is where I would insert a picture, but -you guessed it- no cameras or mobile devices allowed)

As an American, I felt like a VIP.  As a Canadian, Steve probably felt like a terrorist.  In 1970.

But they were courteous, kind, apologetic for the wait and even cracked jokes with me that I married a Canadian.  Awww.  And the official guy who reviewed my forms was from...drumroll...GREEN BAY, WI.  He knew where New Berlin was and even went to Marquette. 

Icing on the American cake. 

As for the 1...2...3:

My Artist!

1) Jake drew this picture this morning - it's daddy throwing George in the air.  I was wildly impressed because he gave his dad lovely, thick hair.  Also because his people drawing skills are getting so much better.  Yes, people are still sticks, but they do more than just stand there without hands. 


2)  George likes BROCCOLI!!  This boy only likes to feed himself.  And his foods of choice are cheerios and cheese.  AKA: carbs and cholesterol.  I was over the moon that he couldn't scarf this stuff down fast enough.

We love pizza...almost as much as mom.

3)  Pizza Friday.  Daddy had to "work late," so we were on our own for dinner.  Can you see the joy in Henry's closed eyes? 

Around here, Friday is known as "treat day" since the daily request for treats got overwhelming.  Tonight, pizza was the treat and we all loved it. 

We live around the corner from a Tim Horton's, so can you guess what tomorrow is?

"Donut Saturday!"

(AKA: double-double saturday - picture me with closed-eyed joy)

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