Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Is What Started The Whole Thing

The kitchen, that is.   

Find this gorgeousness here

I found Lindsay's blog last summer. 
Her banquette was love at first sight. 
I've been a regular reader ever since. 

The best part is that she (and her husband) put it together themselves and her post inspired me to do the same. 

Since painting is done in my own kitchen (except trim), I'm back to thinking about the banquette. 

Similar, kinda

We both have a window.  We both have a floor register.  And believe it or not, we both have exactly the same length to work with - 8 feet. 

Side view

The banquette would stretch from the right side of the door to the bulkhead on the wall.  Our table isn't pedestal...but with one leaf (our ideal elbow-room-at-dinner size) it's only 5 feet long.  So there would be enough space on either side of the table to get in and out.  I'm thinking...perfect. 

Making the banquette - I think I can do that.  Picking fabric for the cushion and window - totally freaked out.  But reading Lindsay's blog and others like it gave me the skills and confidence to figure it out.  Approval from the moonlighter sealed the deal.

Cushion fabric - Spectrum Graphite
Window fabric - Chain Link

Yikes.  Ok, the only reason I'm putting these up here is because I committed to them.  So I can share.  Honestly, I'm still a little bit freaking out.  But I still love them, so I think it's a good freak.

Computers don't do color justice.  So here are the swatches all together.


I wanted the cushion color to be as close to the cabinet color as possible.  With a bank of cabinets directly across and on the other side of the door from the cushion, it would have a unified look around the perimeter of the kitchen. 

I also wanted it to be solid so I could play with the window fabric and pillows that will go on the banquette. 

That's the plan, anyway. 

As for further decoration, as in SOMETHING ON THE WALLS, we're narrowing down options.  One front runner is a memento from our honeymoon in Europe.  Think Spain.  Think bullfighting.  But no peeking yet....I got a banquette to deal with first.

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  1. I love Lindsay's banquette. I'm sure it's a project you could DIY too. Don't freak out too much about the fabrics. It looks to me like it's all coming together nicely!