Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Kitchen Progress. For Reals.

Mom's here.  Time to get down to work.

Ready for a whirlwind of pictures?

Step 1.  Finish the puttying.

Way After

All this putty is making me hyperventilate.  With each scrape, I'm in deeper.  Yikes.

Way After

Seriously.  YIKES.



But that turned out to be nothing.  Because I made a new friend.


My step-father-in-law introduced us.  I'm enormously grateful.  Both to him and to mother nature so I could get 5 doors and 4 drawer fronts sanded today.

Oh blue, I won't miss you
4 drawer fronts - wait?

Yes, those are 5 pieces.  For 4 drawers.  Grrr.  Not only are our cabinets made out of warped, knotted plywood.  Not only were they not sanded or primed before one coat of country blue was slapped on.  But the 3rd drawer front was screwed on in two separate pieces!  Oy!  More fun for me.

So after the sanding and wiping off tons of blue dust, I brought them into the basement to be primed.

Ready to go

First I had to fix that little 5th piece of drawer front.

Liquid Nails to the rescue

Then I started with the primer.

Best paint can pourer thingy ever

But only after I got the doors and fronts up off the ground.  Since I took over the playroom to do all the painting, it only makes sense that I used...

Can you guess?

Of course, Jake was not too excited to find half of his lego rockets and robots missing when he got home from playschool...but I told him that's the fun of legos!  You get to build it again!

Thanks Jake

Nope, he didn't buy it either.  Thank goodness Mimi's here to redirect attention. 

Back to the 45 minutes, I had these babies covered.

Face down

I did the back first so in case the legos left marks, they'd be on the inside of the doors.

After a full day of work, it was overwhelming to see how much more work is left to do.  Especially with the kitchen looking like this in the meantime:

Open Season

Pretty Recycling

Gorgeous Green Bin

It's officially NSFG in here - Not Safe For George.  So we keep him out.

Yup, we're fancy like that. 

More to come tomorrow because I've got lots of work to do and only a few days left of Mimi!

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