Friday, February 03, 2012


My legs are wobbly. 
My knees are weak. 
My back aches. 
And I have paint in my hair. 

I love it.

Today was full of work.  More sanding, priming and painting.  But I just put the paintbrush down for the last time today.  Mom's kicking me out for a date night.

Anyhow, here's a run down of today (for you, dad):

My new frenemy

Sanding:  I'm on better terms with the electric sander.  We've got a rhythm.  This guy not so much.  But he's a necessary evil to get in the grooves on the edges of the doors.  Curse you sanding block!

Priming:  I did more priming on the skeleton of both left and right cabinets.  Ok, it was mom again.  I can't stop her.  But the day flew by and I forgot to take pictures... 

Instead, let's see color. 

Ta Da!

I know.  I'm freaking out, too.  The grey on the bottom LOOKS A LOT LIKE THE BLUE ON TOP.  Nooooo!


I'm telling myself I'm not even halfway done.  It's only one coat.  The doors aren't on.  The blue on the inside of the cabinets are skewing the view.  Anything to keep me from thinking this is all for nothing. 

The only spot where the blue is completely gone is the column of drawers. 

Grey, right?

Still hard to see.  Get closer. 

Yup. Grey.

The color in this picture is the closest to real life that I can capture.  So, yes.  I'd say it's grey.  Just don't put it next to the country blue...

We also got to the left cabinet today.

Primed and painted
Far side

Paint is still wet in this shot.  I'm not just saying that to myself.  It's true.  Really!  It's grey!!!

So here's the kitchen now.

Hi Jake - WET PAINT!!!
Those boxes again

And here's a shot of the basement.  Fully loaded.

The door floor

First coat of primer on the uppers above the sink.  First coat of color on the lowers below the wine.  Second coat of color on the lowers below the sink.

Not bad.

Today mom and I were talking.  She said the cabinets weren't so bad in the first place.  I think she was inhaling too many primer fumes.  But that made me want to try to capture the knots in the plywood before and after. 


They're so hard to see in pictures.  But the little you can see here, I think they look so much better.  They'll never totally disappear, but I can hide them until we demo the kitchen!!!! to shower, get dressed and head out to La Societe with my favorite man. 

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  1. Wow, great progress. It's looking good, I really like the grey you chose. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen.