Thursday, October 04, 2012


How did this happen?

First Born
5 Years Old

Yesterday was my middle child's birthday.  I didn't get to post ON his birthday because I was too busy BEING WITH HIM on his birthday.  As a middle, that rarely happens.


I spent the afternoon with him at his playschool.  We decorated cupcakes.

Henry Sandwiches

Then Henry chose dinner: meatball sandwiches on buns with ketchup.  George added to it by having everyone watch Raffi on youtube over...and over...and over...and over.....I'm now singing Robin the in Rain in my sleep...

3 Boys!

Then we took the requisite kid pic.  Doesn't George look scared there?  I would, too.

Birthday Cookie

Finally, daddy came home so we could get high on sugar sing Happy Birthday.

First Blow
Silly Face with Mommy & Jake Photobombing
Birthdays are an excuse to overload on sugar at this house.  We kinda go crazy, but just for one night.  Cause for some reason, the leftover cookies & candy seem to disappear by morning...hmmmm....

Opening Presents

This year, I took Jake out to buy Henry a special present.  Jake's finally old enough to keep a secret.  And Henry loved what he chose.  A super bouncy ball.

Present from Mommy

I got him Ants in the Can.  We spend Tuesday and Thursday afternoons together while George naps and Jake is still at school.  There's no better way to spend that time than playing some good, healthy competitive games.

I think I have to step it up, though.  Guess who won last night...?

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