Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Painting 3

Benjamin Moore's "Cloud White" is slowly taking over our house.  It had us at hello during the basement renovation, so why not repeat what we like through the house?

Especially when George's new room on 3 (our term for "the 3rd floor") looks like this:

Ikea Green

Yes, that would be the perfect shade of green to match the Ikea duvet cover that sat on the bed when the house was staged to sell in 2002.  We loved it so much, we kept it. 

Actually, keeping it means we ignored it for 10 years.  Time to come to terms. 

And that time was Saturday morning. 

Only Primed

Over our regular weekend "donut day" cup of Tim Horton's coffee at 7:15am, Steve said, "You're gonna paint George's new room this weekend."  He wrote out a schedule of how I was going to get it all done in 36 hours and the childcare he would provide. 

Then I reminded him of a birthday party the boys were invited to on Sunday...and the presents that needed to be bought....


So I got the first step done - primer.  It's a big difference already.  What wouldn't be a big difference from that green?


It doesn't feel incredibly bigger, like the 2nd floor new guest room did when we painted Cloud White over deep red.  But it's still a nice change.

Cut the Room Twice

One thing I did differently - I cut the room with a brush, then rolled the walls, then cut again.  I wanted the primer to do the work instead of the finish paint.  I'm much happier with the results this way - there's far less color around the edges.

Before - Patched Nail Heads

Because we love our guests so much, I also ordered new blackout roller shades for both rooms on 3. 

The newspaper you see above is placement for the fabric.  The trim and window are completely askew, so any shade is going to look wonky.  I just wanted to make sure the shade width would cover the window opening at the top and bottom.  Old houses!

Now - All Primed

So, where is George, you ask?  Poor guy is in a pack-n-play in the new guest room/old baby room.  Think he's confused?  Actually, he's lucky.  His Grandma and Pop offered to take him for a holiday later this week while I get the trim and walls finished. 

Thursday can't come soon enough!

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  1. May I ask where you're ordering your black out blinds from?