Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dining Room Revision

Again, temporary.  Meaning cheap.  Disposable even. 

Ok, that might be going a tiny bit too far.


The Drona (fabric) baskets are the cheapest IKEA has to offer.  And since I needed 10 to add to the 2 I had, that $6.99 price tag was right.  Combined with the $79.99 Expedit I bought to complete the set, this temporary organization/storage situation cost $150. 

I threw in some black Kassett boxes (lookin' a little grey in the pic above!) add $13 to that total. 

The styling is not done.  That fake flower has goodwill on it's name...I just like the height. 

Next up?  Craigslist.  Let's hope someone's searching for some wicker baskets!!!

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