Monday, September 24, 2012

Dining Room Addition

No, this is not a trick.  We're still moving forward with plans to fix our first floor

But until we start the demo, we have to live with what we've got.  And that means dealing with this.


With three little kids, I can't have piles of stuff.  But I have no storage space.  George ends up walking into the kitchen with an empty wine bottle, found in a bag shoved under the extra dining room chairs covered in deck chair pads. 

Not good.

But we're NOT buying anything new for the first floor.  So I scour the house. 


And top it up with more IKEA that can be repurposed in other rooms.

Getting There

This post is less than impressive, because it really isn't showing much of a finished product.  But what I'm proud of is this:  the Expedit organizer on the right is from the big boys' room, using baskets I found in the 3rd floor purge. 

Gold star for shopping in my house. 

And thank you to my husband for having the same idea as me...buying a second (inexpensive) Expedit unit for the left side.  (the poorly functioning cabinet that was there now resides on another floor)  We can never have enough Expedit in this house with so little storage and many kids...I lied, we're stopping at three.

Plus, should we decide to part with them, Craigslist also loves Expedit ;)

My next step is deciding on baskets and managing the stuff sitting on top of the units.  I want to not see anything but pretty. 

Right now, she ain't pretty.  But that nice, clear tabletop sure is...

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