Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Room - Getting There

They came, they stayed, they liked it waaaaaay better.

What guest wouldn't prefer climbing only two staircases instead of three? 

Here's where I left off before they came.

A little bare.  A little mis-matched.  But bright and cheery. 

Before my mom left for Toronto, I had her run to Target.


Much better.  I loved it immediately. 

So much that the old lamp found itself at Goodwill within 24 hours.  Along with half the stuff on my 3rd floor.  Hooray for getting jobs done when my parents visit!!

Small change, but big warm, fuzzy feeling. 

Ready for the best part?



Yup, still love it.  I'm noticing here that I lost some height.  But that's an easy fix once I get going on the decorating in this room.  It's the right lamp, for sure.

More work to go, but I have 4 1/2 weeks until the whole family arrives....wait, what....???

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