Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Day of School

I took a bunch of shots.  Do any of them look remotely cute?  All forced.

Then I found this one last night.

Every.  Day.

This is us.  Every school day. 

I love it because two seconds before I took this picture, I'm telling them to get in the car for the 84th time.  One second before this picture, I'm yelling at Henry to keep his hands off George.  The second after this picture, George is crying because Henry is mashing his face.  Out of love. 

So this is our first day. 

Well, at least it was Jake's. 

After rushing his drop off for 1st grade, we ran to Henry's SK drop off.  Then found out he doesn't start until Thursday. 

My face kinda looked like Henry's.

P.S.  company's coming this know that means another little facelift is happening somewhere in this house right now....

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