Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Kitchen Project

I say that as I'm crunching numbers for our new kitchen (which is exciting and terrifying me all at the same time), and so I just kinda want to cry.

But not until I show you the final finishing touch.

Ta Da!  Did you see it? 

Red Frames!

Now the walls don't look so separate anymore.  Like big red bull poster on that side and all black & white on this side.   There's unity.  And I like it.

I probably like it so much because of all the projects to finish up before guests arrived, this was the most time intensive and tedious.  Five frames.  Three coats.  Can't I just cut corners?

I tried.

How about painting the frames with the pictures still in them?


Yeah, no.  Ikea laughed in my face.  Try sanding the finish off every nook and cranny of the white MDF frames first, and then paint. 


Much better. 

And so is the view of my kitchen.

From the Dining Room
From the Sink

(*Sigh*) I love.

So with the final project complete, I guess it's time for a Kitchen Before and After.  Keep your eyes open for a big blog post coming soon.  You know how I love before and afters...this one will be the best yet!

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