Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dining Room Done

There's another room in our house that got the finish treatment.  At least, finished until we rip down the walls.  Eeek!

Behold, the dining room.


Let me just say, it took over 10 years for me to frame those prints.  10.  years.  plus.  But it was well worth the wait, because they look amazing over the storage cabinets.  And there's nothing like more Spain in the house!

Since I'm officially calling this room done, here's a look back on how far it's come.

Before - Green

To be fair, this should really be a "during" picture because this room was a disaster before I started my blog...but here's where I started sharing pictures of it.

During - Cloud White

Then we painted it BM Cloud White like the current majority of our house.  (The color is second to none)

During - Storage

When guests were imminent, we moved the antique jelly cabinet up and an Ikea Expedit down.  I bought a second Expedit to balance the room out.  And splurged on bins.  That's a joke.

After - Ta Da!

Combine the artwork investment with the Ikea Expedits and fabric bins...and you've got a nice looking set up.  It really frames the living room when you walk through from the kitchen. 

We've half-heartedly joked that maybe we don't need to renovate.  But the truth is, we've yet to eat in this room since cleaning it up a year ago.  We stay in the updated eat-in-kitchen for 100% of our meals.  Our new floor plan will eliminate "repeated space" and turn this into a much better use of square footage. 

Let's see that before and after one more time...


Not too bad, if I do say so myself!

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  1. Not too bad, indeed! It looks so bright now.