Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Guest Room

Ok, it's not really new.  Just new to the blog.  Even that's a lie. 

Remember this disaster?

Guest Room?

Kissing cousin to the other ex-disaster.  They share a wall.  See the mirrored slope?

George's Room

George's is in the front of the house on 3.  Yellow Guest is in the back. 

View From The Window

How could this possibly be a Guest Room?  Exactly. 

So I got rid of the bad Ikea wardrobe. 


Which helped right away.  But it was still bad.

Getting There

Just full of stuff.  Mostly overflows from from the now George's Room.  Actually, they were overflowing into each other.  Giving me fake hope that I was making progress. 

Until I got serious with guests arriving. 

Here's what they found when they got here.


More After!

Although it's still YELLOW, it's so much better than it's ever been.  We moved the cabinet from the dining room up into this guest room.  It looks great with my grandmother's old hope chest and the bookcase. 

Since I was buying a roller black-out shade for George's room, I decided to get one for this room, too.  There is a Blinds-To-Go close by, and because speed and convenience were top of my list, that's where I went. 

The windows in each room are so small and badly askew, I splurged on the valance to hide the wonkiness.  It worked like a charm.  And because the white plastic chains drive me crazy on Jake & Henry's roller shades, I also splurged on metal chains.  So with the add-ons, they weren't as cheap as they could be...not to mention the customer service was severely lacking...but at the end of the day I'm very happy with them.  Even if they are vinyl. 

Hey, selection is limited in the black-out shade department. 

This room is on the short list to be painted BM Cloud White.  But since we won't have guests arriving for another long while, other rooms may get the bump.


All in all, I'm really happy to get this room organized.  I pass it every time I walk into George's room.  So...maybe it will get a paint job sooner than later...assuming there's a few daddy days in the near future.

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