Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anniversary White

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary.  And while we are stressed to the max with this renovation (more the living-in-the-apartment part versus the project going on at the house), we are in a celebratory mood.

If only because all we're seeing is white. 

Let me explain...by starting with the railings.

Here's where we left off...

Last Week

And here's where we are now.

This Week

Wrapped and ready to go with a pony wall railing up the side.

Side View

Then we drywalled it.


Taping and sanding is happening as I type.  Even more white :)

It's really thin, as a railing should be. 

Basement Entry

Drywalled & Partially Mudded

I think the finished width will be 3".  Since we have little kids who will treat these railings with lots of love in the form of fingerprints, scratches, bumps and kicks, we are going to trim the top with wood and paint it out white to match the wall.  For extra protection, the wood will waterfall down the edge you see here. 

2nd Floor Top of Stairs

Here you can see how they built it, using 2"x 2"s to make a skeleton.  Go back a few pictures to see the plywood cap and drywall on top of that.  Trust me, it's sturdy.  That was my biggest fear for a house with 3 boys.

2nd Floor Drywalled & Partially Mudded

And it's higher than the old railing.  We made sure it was to code, but to minimum.  The hallway is narrow enough, we didn't want to feel completely closed in. 

2nd Floor Hallway

You can see how the 2nd floor staircase is narrower than the opening for the main floor staircase.  We had to play with the railing and do a little overlap corner thing.

View from the Boys' Room

We also had to integrate the 2nd floor staircase bottom landing.  It looks jigsawed now, but once it's painted and the wood railing goes on, it will look great.

What else is white, you say?  How about the bathroom.

Where's Waldo?

Can you find the line of tile that's out of order?  (sorry for the bad lighting)


It's ok if you can't, because it's gone now.  A little white tile vertigo was to blame, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. 


Even whiter, now that it's been grouted.  It's a light grout.  So the lines are still there, but a bit more subtle.  I love.


Bad lighting.  But more white :)

Lastly, there's white in the form of IKEA.

Master Bedroom Closet

There are the PAX closet frames.  Not quite set exactly in place, but in the vicinity of where they will live. 


Turn your head to the right and this is the space we're left with for the bed.  It should be comfortable enough for our Queen bed and floating nightstands.

Kitchen Cabinets

Lastly, there's even a bit more white on the main floor.

Can you spot them?  That bunch of white rectangles in the background next to the window.  There they are.  There they are!!!  The kitchen!  So exciting. 

White is my new favorite color! :)

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