Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Triple Threat

It's June.  Move in month.  

This week is a busy week.  And today is a busy day!!! 

First threat?  Check out these babies.


I got so excited, I took this picture of the back of the van.  Those are the steps that are part of our two floating staircases.  The 1-3/4" steps in the foreground are for the 2nd floor staircase.

2nd Floor Hallway

I braved that blue ladder in the main staircase hole to find the 2nd floor staircase gone!  Yes!  Those beautiful red oak steps will be installed here and eventually stained dark to match the floors.

Double Thick

Each step for the main staircase is actually two steps glued together to make a double thick tread.  This was Steve's thing.  When we decided to replace the staircase, we loved the idea of floating.  But he reeeeeeally lobbied for extra thick steps.  Now that I see them, I think it's the best idea ever.

You might see a seam where they've been glued together for now, but once they're stained dark to match the floors, the lines and grains will disappear.


I will not be sad to see that ladder go.  It freaks me out every time I open the front door.  I can't wait to see a staircase again, and am sooooo looking forward to those mega steps.

Second threat?

New Bay Window

I'm saving this story for another post.  But today we got a replacement bay window.  So excited for the window installation to be complete.

Third threat?  I want to pet this.

Bathroom Floor

Tile.  Beautiful, gorgeous, satiny-smooth tile.  We chose 1" hexagon honed carrara marble for the floor.  It's the traditional nod to what will be a mostly modern bathroom. 


The window, niche and pony wall (the half wall between the tub and shower) are in the process of being boxed with a white quartz that I also want to pet.  It looks amazing against the carrara and plays well with the glossy-er wall tile that will be installed next. 

Lots going on, but lots left to do... 

To finish off the post, I have a few more pictures.  Since I braved that blue ladder, you know I snapped some shots of the drywalled and painted 2nd floor!

Guest Room

Outlets were being installed in this room today (I guess that means I should rename this post quadruple threat).

Boys' Room

Even with a north facing window, this room still gets lots of light.  White walls (instead of dark blue) help, too.

Master Bedroom

The master vanity will go here, below the niche and wall faucet.

Site of our future IKEA PAX closet, purchased on the weekend during their big sale.

Site of our future bed, wall sconces and floating nightstands. 

Turn around and here's the view from our bed.  Yes.

Next up?  Hardwood....!!!!


  1. Amazing progress! You've got to be excited!!

  2. It's really coming along! Can't wait to see those floating stairs!