Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Drywall - Are We Done?

After living in a house we've owned for the last 10 years, it's hard living in an apartment.  It's not "our own", we can't spread out beyond our tiny two bedrooms and when the internet inexplicably stops takes 5 days to figure it out because we don't own the account!!

But, whatever.  The drywall is in.  So who cares!?


Yes!  So amazing.  I had tears in my eyes when I walked in and saw walls. 

Real walls!!

Powder Room

Behind that ladder is the powder room.  The circle in the floor is the toilet drain.  The rectangle on the wall is a niche where we will hide stuff like toilet paper, hand towels, etc.  Tiny room, tiny storage, make every inch count.

Storage & Pantry

Next to the powder room are the two storage towers & pantry.  Picture a rail running above all three openings, with a barn door covering one opening at a time.  You can see the outlet openings where our wireless audio system will go.


There she be, my favorite part of the house.  It's 4' by 4' and I will be hanging out in there most of the day, for sure. 

There are outlets galore for all the small appliances: microwave, toaster, coffee machines, docking area for iphone/ipad/macbook, etc.  There's plumbing for a small bar sink.  And we're planning out the lower cabinetry for under the L-shaped countertop. 


There's my other love.  The slider.  I've never seen so much of our backyard!

At the beginning of the project when we were leveling the floors and ceiling, we discovered the ceiling was 4" out.  Big problem for the big slider/transom.  So now that we're framed and drywalled, you can see the brilliant cut out in the ceiling.

A Little Lip

The ceiling stops short because it's about 2" lower than the height of the transom.  There's a recess -or a "lip"- in the ceiling before it goes straight up.  It's going to hold feature lighting (that will only be seen directly if you stick your head way up there) which will look like it was planned the whole time. 

I'm expecting a sort of backlit will look amazing at night!!


It's kind of hard to see here...but this is the livingroom wall and those are the niches.  The one above is the decorative shelf.  The one below is for the TV.

2nd Floor

And that's the 2nd floor.  No, I didn't have the guts to climb the ladder.  TOMS are not work boots, as my contractor says.

2nd Floor Staircase

And that's a shot of the underside of the 2nd floor staircase.  We made a late decision to replace that staircase, too. 

I had a line for where the budget ended and it was at the bottom of this staircase.  But after we planned out the main staircase and railing along the 2nd floor hallway, we envisioned ourselves wishing we had addressed this staircase, too.  So we are. 

The budget line moved up a few steps, but that's where it stops.  No more adding on.  DONE.

If only because I'm racking up points at tile stores this week.

Hardwood & Tiles

With the hardwood acclimatizing in the background, the tiles are piling up in the foreground!

Bathroom Walls

Can you see it!?  Long and lean.  Wait 'til they go on the walls.  The layout is going to be gorgeous.

Entryway & Powder Room Floor

The tile installer said these are the largest tiles he's ever seen.  The largest piece of beautiful, that is.  Steve was in love at first sight of my iphone picture of the tile sample.  I'm seriously in love in person. that the drywall is up, things look so close to finish.  Are we done yet?  Can we just move in, please!? 

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  1. Love seeing the drywall coming by tomorrow to see the stairs!!!