Friday, May 10, 2013

Framing The 2nd Floor

We passed the framing inspection.  High five. 

Time to check out the 2nd floor!

Before I continue, I have to say this.  I took a million pictures of the framing.  It's sooo hard to capture it.  When I stand in the space I can see it.  Then I take a picture and it looks like a bunch of sticks everywhere. 

So...this 2nd floor tour will be a "before" and "now" of various angles of each room. 

Starting with the bathroom...

This guy is at the top of the main staircase.

Inside Before

Pedestal sink, toilet and shower. 

Inside Now

That's space for a tub under the window AND a shower to the right of the pony wall. 


Since we needed to demo the whole floor anyway, and reframe due to 100+ year old studs that crowned every which way, we decided to cheat the guest room out of 12" and give it to the bathroom for the tub/shower combo. 

See the recessed floor in the shower?  Make way for a trough drain.  The box in the wall of the shower?  Shampoo/Soap/Razor/whatever-you-need-inside-your-shower niche. 

Another angle:


That pedestal sink drove me crazy.  You couldn't put anything on the ledge next to the faucet or it would fall in the bowl immediately.  Now we'll have a 5 foot long vanity with lots of storage and one centered sink.  That means counter space. 

The box on the wall is a niche - picture a long narrow mirror running across the wall above the vanity with that left section opening like a medicine cabinet.  Yup - we're loving the niches.  

Moving on to the guest bedroom that we cheated...


I being tinier than the tiny room it already was makes me a little bit nervous.  But still being able to fit a full sized bed (with the head on that wall with outlets) means I'm ok with it.  

Let's see the boys' room...

Now yeah, we cheated a few inches out of this room, too. 

When we shortened the guest room along the bathroom wall, we widened it along the closet wall that's shared with the boys' room.  It wasn't much at all - maybe 6 inches?  But it made sense from the point of view that neither room felt way too small to function as a bedroom. 

I'm good with it.  And the boys won't even notice...!

On to the master...

Before: Entry to Master & Sink Room

Before, we only had the bay window in our room.  The other window was in the "sink room".  You know, that room with just a sink?  So we decided to remove the wall and door between the two.  Now we get all. that. light. !!!!

Before: Opposite View of the Sink Room

Oh my, that ugly little vanity and mirror is a thing of the past!  A distant memory!  How excited am I...!?!? 

And since we're reframing everything, the plumbing will fit completely into the wall.  No vent bump out anymore.  It's the little things. 

That's it for the 2nd floor.  Two rooms merged into one, two other rooms slightly smaller and one room bigger.  Hooray for reframing. 

If you want to see a few more sticks, here are pictures of the master if you stand in one spot and keep turning to your right.  Because the new master was two separate rooms, I don't have 'befores'.  Don't get dizzy.

Sink on left/Closet on right
Closet on left/Headboard straight ahead
Bed on left/Bay Window on right

Get ready - we're gonna trick out that bay window.  It's amazing what you can do when you get back to the bare bones....! 


  1. Looking great, Meg! I actually like looking at it without drywall because it's kind of like looking at a 3D floor plan. It looks like you have every detail planned out-- well done!

  2. Yes, that planning is key! We are almost down to drywalling, so my last tweaks are done. Getting more and more exciting!