Friday, May 24, 2013

If I Could Save Time In The Drywall...

Pssst...I'm guest posting over on today for Brothers Week!


So...that thing that people do these days when they're renovating.  We did it, too.  A "time capsule."

I didn't really know what to put in it.  So I thought -- what would I have liked to find when we opened up all the walls?  Something about the owners at the time.  Something about what was going on.  Something more than nothing (which is what we found). 

So I did it.  Here it is.

Family Picture

I had to include a family picture.  Thank goodness we randomly took one at my brother's house for Easter.  The fact that everyone is smiling - or at minimum looking at the camera - is a miracle.  Thank you, Bro.

I also asked the boys to write a letter.  I had them write the date, their name and age.  Then something they like to do.  And anything else they would want anyone to know about them. 

Jake's Letter

In case his scribbles and spelling is hard to read, here's the translation:

May 21, 2013
My name is Jake.  I am 7 years old.  I like to ride my roller blades.  I love the Packers.

a) He must be learning about the possessive form at school - what's with those apostrophes?
b) He wrote that last line all by himself....!!!  The tradition is continuing!!!!!  He bleeds green and gold!!!

Henry's Letter

Again, scribbles and's the translation:

May 21, 2013
My name is Henry.  I am 5 years old.  I like to go to the park.  (picture of "our wall")  I'm smart.

a) No idea what wall that is.
b) The backwards 'S' is a sure sign of smartness. 

Actually, the "smart" line is Henry to a T.  His literal interpretation of things will serve him well one day.  I have to believe that.

George's Letter

Two year olds can't write.  This one can't really even talk.  So I outlined his hand in the middle of his drawing.  Cute enough.

Last but not least, I wrote a letter.

I wrote a bit about what I knew of the house before we lived in it.  And how we came to live here.  A little about our life in the house and how much we love it.  And why we did what we did. 

And three undeniable insights about living in this house.  (If you lived here, you'd get it...and you'd agree)

Our contractor put the time capsule in the wall this morning.  I also slipped him this to throw in there, too.

Come on!  Can you imagine opening the wall and finding this one day!?  Priceless. 

This is definitely something I wish I would have found....!!


  1. I love this idea - and those letters are too sweet :)

  2. A perfect time capsule. All the letters are priceless - including yours! A very special family and a very special house.