Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Extra Extra Extra

Sometimes when you open a can, there are worms.  Thankfully, our home had no worms.  Just a whole lotta opportunity. 

Opportunity in the way of light.

Is That A...

Yes.  That's a shot of the flat roof over our 2nd floor.


Which is right above our newly reconfigured bathroom.

Skylight, Window, Tub

That's just been sprayfoamed.  And vapor barrier-d over the long weekend.  These guys work too fast for me to run in and sneak pictures ;)

We didn't plan to have a skylight in the bathroom, but when we opened it all up, the opportunity presented itself.  In the form of a budget-friendly add on since we were staring at the underside of the flat roof.  Say no more.

Opportunity also comes in the form of laundry.

We recently finished our basement with a lovely bath/laundry room.  It was life changing.  But if our life changes someday and we rent out our basement, where would we do our laundry?

Electrical Rough-In

In our current 2nd floor guest room and soon-to-be-toddler George's room.  This is a picture from a few weeks ago, showing the extra washer and dryer electrical boxes (the two in the middle).  It is now wired, plumbed, sprayed and wrapped.

Plumbing Rough-In

But I know the extra drain we put in the basement wall 2 years ago and brought up through the main floor wall with this job (along with water feeds) is exactly 72" from the window wall. 

Last but not least, opportunity comes in the form of a 3rd floor bathroom.

Waiting Under the Sink Room

This is my obsession.  A 3rd floor bathroom.  It is not my husband's. 

We haven't figured out the 3rd floor.  We intentionally left it out of this renovation, as it is the subject of much debate. 

It is currently two bedrooms, one George uses.  He has the best sleeps up there. 

We toyed with making it one big master...but we like being on the 2nd floor.  The 3rd floor feels a little too far away from the front door.  Hey, our oldest two share a room.  Maybe one day they'll each want their own space and we can throw them up on 3. 

I think time will decide our 3rd floor for us.  But in case time decides we need another bathroom up there, I'm ready.  The extra 3" toilet drain I put in the basement wall was brought up under the master floor at the shared wall. 

Just waiting. 

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