Friday, May 03, 2013

Doin' The Deck....Again

It wasn't a waste to do it the first time.  We knew it wasn't going to last long.  What we didn't know is that we'd be replacing the whole thing earlier than we thought. 

That's kinda the way it is with a ball of string...where does it end?

Ours ends in the backyard. 

Last Spring

This is a lovely Spring day last year right after we got the deck painted.  It was in such bad shape, we hired a college team to give it a new coat of color.  Definitely a band-aid.

This Spring

Then we decided to renovate and put in a slider.  We centered it on the kitchen inside, not the deck outside.  See how this is the beginning of the end for this guy?

Since the shed was a total dilapidated eyesore, we got rid of him, too.

Now you see it:

Now you don't:

 It opens up a ton of room beside the slider where we intend to put the BBQ. 

Mmm hmm, that's the slider....!!!!!

From the Outside

I'm totally in love. 

A few things to mention here.  Snaking eavestrough will be gone.  Upside down backwards "L" bar that carried new electrical to old upstairs bathroom so they didn't have to go through the walls will be gone.  And big square AC unit to the bottom left of the slider will be....gone! 

Yup, we're side mounting it.  Another job creep, but this one's worth it.  For function as much as noise factor.  And having an HVAC guy on site who's friends with your contractor makes it even more worth it.

Black & White

I'm disappointed in the contrast between the white upper windows and the black slider.  I didn't think it would be so apparent.  This one's on me because I coordinated the windows myself.

I admit, talk of painting the window exteriors black did come up.  We'll see how the job creep goes.  And how much it ends up bothering my better half.  He's the gatekeeper ;)

For now, I'm enjoying dreaming up a new deck.  Shallower but wider is where I think we're leaning.

Sectional, Coffee Table & BBQ?

I have time to sit on this one.  Back to decision making on the inside!!!


  1. LOVE the look of the slider! From the outside, and from the inside!!

  2. This deck project is pretty exciting. It’s a smart decision to have the shed removed. It’s definitely an eyesore. You can have tons of space for other furniture you want to put in there. Your design ideas wouldn’t be limited anymore with the big space that you have. I’m excited to get this deck finished. Please keep us posted, Meg! I really love to follow the progress of this big project. :) #Leah Clay