Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hooray For Windows

No news is good news, right?  Same for this blog. 

Our house has turned into my second full-time job.  I'm lucky if I get to each lunch.  My day is filled with kids, decisions, site visits, pictures, more decisions, kids, job creep, research, decisions, kids, bed.  Also in there is husband, eating and sleeping. 

But this is so fun!!!!!

Who's ready for an update?  Today it's new windows.

We decided to go with all new windows on the 1st and 2nd floors.  This was a husband decision, before the demo-the-2nd-floor-too decision.  Our old windows were new when we moved in 10 years ago.  But the installation was horrible and they blew air.  Badly.  So it only made sense for us to do as much as we could now.  The 3rd floor was measured and quoted, but will wait a few years.  Except for maybe'll see what I mean...

First window:

Inside View
Outside View
Open Sesame
Love.  LOVE!!!! 

I know, I know, I don't have a true before for this guy.  But trust me when I say the house was full of double hungs.  And trust me when I say the new brick-to-brick installment of casements are soooooo amazing.  The extra amount of glass we have now is incredible.  The windows look double the size from the inside.

More?  Of course.

Bay Before
More During

This was done on a Saturday.  The neighborhood families were entertained watching the gaping hole in our house.  Anything to help alleviate the dust and noise factor they're putting up with...

The bay window isn't completely finished.  There is still more framing work to be done, since the right and left sides aren't completely closed up (thank goodness for the overhang & eaves during the few rainstorms), and the sills and skirting need to be addressed.  The pretty stuff.

Speaking of pretty, want to see my baby?

In The Backyard

Oh yes, she's pretty alright.


I literally had tears in my eyes when I walked in the front door.  Gorgeous.


This was the first big purchase I made for our renovation.  I did so much research on sliders.  I visited many.  I quoted lots.  This one was the top shelf.  It was the one purchase that I really, really, really wanted to go well and make a difference in the space.  Now that it's in, I definitely think it will. 

A few more window shots?  Why not.  Here's the dining room area.

Ripped Out

Here's the tricky part with this guy.  See what's underneath the window?  Nothing.  That's right.  No support.  So we had to build it out for the new windows to go in.

Support Frame

Nope.  I'm not loving this.  At all.  The walkway to the backyard is so tight.  Before, I could duck under and keep walking.  Now I have to turn to the side and squish through.  But I had no choice - it's function over fashion here. 

I asked the window installer to make it look really nice since he couldn't make it smaller.  Fingers crossed...

And here's the last picture - it's my fave.  My two oldest monkeys watching the window guys work.  They were enthralled.  

Framing is happening now...and so is some work on the back of the house.  More updates to come!

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