Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome...Please Excuse The Dust

Face it.  The house is a construction zone.  It looks like a bomb went off. 

Let's look past the parts that make me want to reach for a broom and see the progress. 

Here's where we were:

New Staircase

And here's where we are:

New Entry Closet

The closet doors practically reach the ceiling.  I love it!

Left Side
Right Side

It's too shallow for a rail.  Which is fine with us.  We decided to keep the square footage in the living room.  So those boards are going to hold some hooks.  Adult height and child height. 

And those shelves are deeeeep!  I'm already hunting down the perfect baskets.  I've got 5 shelves on either side.  Plus the space on the floor.  Bring on winter and all the mitts, hats & scarves we can find!

Living Room

Speaking of the living room, here it is.  Full of s-t-u-f-f.  That trim has to live somewhere during installation...

View From The Stairs

I love seeing the openness when walking down the stairs.  The house feels 100 times bigger without that wall running down the middle.  A little more exposed, yes.  But the unified living space makes up for it.

View From The Couch

Now walk into the living room and "sit down" on the "couch".  (This was taken pre-appliances) You can see the powder room has a door and trim!

Powder Room

She's tiny, but she's a powder room.  Population: 1.  For short periods of time.

That niche on the wall will hold toilet paper & a backup hand towel. 
Minimalism at it's best.  

View From The Kitchen

Can you tell most of the work happens within the frame of this picture?  The tools, table & material just might give it away. 

While it's hard to point out progress here, it will make for a memorable "during" picture when everything renovation-related is out and the living begins....

I'm counting down the days....!!! 

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