Monday, June 17, 2013


Our house is finishing up faster than I could have imagined.  I blink and something else is complete.  From the very beginning, the target move in date was June 30 and -o-m-g- we're gonna make it!!

Over the last few weeks, which feel like forever but are actually rushing by, I caught myself taking pictures of a few things I fell in love with by surprise. 

First love - the brick.

We reeeeeeeally love the matte, dusty finish of the exposed brick.  Our biggest fear was that we'd seal the wall and it would look glossy and wet forever.  I owe it to my better half for finding this post from to save the day.  

I immediately ran to Home Depot to buy the same sealer.

Low-Lustre...For Reals

And it worked!!  This is just one coat.

Yes, This Is Sealed!

Not glossy at all.  I had to run my hand over it in various places just to make sure it was actually sealed. 

That exposed brick detail will always be a warm fuzzy for me.  I still can't believe we did it ourselves!

Second love - transitions.


Or lack thereof?!?  I didn't plan or think or discuss thresholds or transitions even one bit.  Then I came into the house one night to see this.  And I love it.

Main Bathroom to 2nd Floor Hallway

That precision is a great detail.  I love it because I don't notice it :)

Third love - repetition.

View From Main Bathroom

I took this picture to show the tile installation, but when I showed it to Steve, I couldn't help but look at the staircase.  I love how the linear tiles match the linear floating steps. 

Of course, now that the grout is in the wall tiles, the lines aren't as defined.  Add a towel bar above the switches, some trim around the door and the railing to cover a few of those steps...and maybe the repetition won't be as eye-catching.  We'll see.  But I love that it's there if you can see it.

Off to take more pictures of the house.  In two weeks from today, we'll be back in for sure...and loving every minute of it!!

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  1. Keira @ The Bennett HouseMonday, June 17, 2013 8:15:00 pm

    Looking great, Meg! Funny, but I also have a post in the making about my favourite parts of our reno and our lack of transition strips is in there as well. As you now know, it isn't always easy to achieve this in a hundred year old house but makes such a difference!