Saturday, June 08, 2013

Oak Everywhere

Our century old neighborhood is full of beautiful mature trees.  Lots of maple, elm and ash.  We have a pretty little honey locust outside our front window. 

And now, lots of oak inside the front door.

Let's start with the stairs. 

(Warning: this is a long post)


This ladder was in place of our main staircase.  Earlier this week, I started drooling over the double thick oak steps being delivered.  Within hours, they were installed.


Yes, this is an action shot.  Our contractor's arms were about to fall off as he and two other guys held the 1500 lb staircase upright while it was being drilled into place.  He's the guy giving me the death stare between the treads.  :)

Soon after, the 2nd floor staircase went in. 

Way Before

These guys move fast.  They were wrapping the treads before I could grab a shot. 

With the stairs done, it's time for hardwood: dark stained wire brushed 3/4" red oak.



I visited the house at night to see it all in place....without kids attached to me.


And I felt exactly the same way I did when the basement wood-look tile went in.  EEEK!?!?  Is it right?  Is the grain/wire brush evenly distributed?  Is there too much character?  Do I like it!!!???

But because I had this feeling before, about the same basement floor that I absolutely adore now, I knew it meant the hardwood was perfect.  And now that it's throughout the house, I love it.

Guest Before
Guest After

Although we made this room smaller, the dark floor doesn't accentuate that.  The stark difference between the the white walls and the dark floor keep it feeling spacious.  Until we move a bed in there...

Boys' Before
Boys' After

Same goes for this room.  You're probably wondering what the outlets on the wall are for.  Those are the power and CAT5 connections for a TV.  Until they are in use (if ever), I have a perfectly sized canvas of Lambeau Field to hide them.

Exposed Brick in Master Before
Exposed Brick in Master After

The contrast in color and texture here is amazing.  If I doubted our flooring choice that first night, this view confirmed we picked the right one.  Ignore that floor vent until it's stained the same color as the hardwood.  Then try to find it.

Opposite the Brick Before
Opposite the Brick After

Master Bay Window Before
Master Bay Window After

Now that the right bay window has been installed, it will be drywalled & taped this week along with the staircase & railings.  Oh yes, those pesky railings...

And although there's no hardwood in the bathroom, there was major progress in there this week, too.

Bathroom Before
Bathroom After

Can you see it!?  The 1/3 overlap layout works really well on the wall.

Shower Before
Shower After

The floor is the same tile throughout for a unified look, even into the sloped shower drain.  And the two very different tiles play really well with each other.  I wasn't expecting it, but the bathroom is becoming my favorite room!

Well, until we start the kitchen.

Speaking of kitchen, here's a shot of the storage shelves and pantry.

Shelves & Pantry Before
Shelves & Pantry After

Can't wait to get started on those cabinets!

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