Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas On Albany

I love Christmas.  But this year has definitely been the hardest.  Having three little kids to take care of leaves almost no extra time to do anything.  And that precious extra time only comes in fits and spurts. 

How does one put up a tree in the 10 minutes between putting baby down for a nap and fulfilling repeated requests for milk or a show or a pair of scissors or a snack or where are my markers or I want another paper airplane or...wait, the baby's up.  And he's crawling.  Everywhere. 

Sorry, Christmas tree.  Maybe next time.

Or, you could just have a superhusband.

Here I am!

While it may not win an award for the world's most perfectly decorated tree, Steve and Jake did it, so it's absolutely positively perfect to me.  The best part are the candy canes.  It's become tradition to pick one off the tree every night for dessert.   

Want to see what else a superhusband can do?

Can you find George's stocking?
Now find Jolly

I was floored.  Steve is the best.  Not only for putting up the decorations, but for finding perfectly wonderful places for the stockings and that-garland-y-thing now that our mantle is gone.  I love it.

And since I'm giving credit where credit is due...I must say, my husband has mad skills when it comes to ribbon application.

Card holder idea stolen from parents
Candy cane staircase

I did manage to do one thing, though.

Cheapest best wreath ever

I hung the fake berry wreath on the front door.  It took me double time because i had to re-tie the knot in the fishwire that broke last year...but the time it took to run up to the 3rd floor and run all the way back down (plus re-tie) was definitely worth it.  And I did it all before the boys could finish their mac & cheese/cheerios. 

Now let's enjoy it for the next 8 days until we leave for the holidays...  :)

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