Saturday, December 10, 2011

Switch It Up

I think the constant design blog reading has got to me.  I can't stop.

I sit in my house and look at things I want to do.  Change this, get rid of that, move this here, switch it up there.  Now my kids walk in a room and say things like "wow, mommy, what happened?"  Is that a good thing???

My most recent project on a long list of things to do...change a light switch.  Or six.

Our century old home has lots of old things.  Some I love (high baseboards), some I don't (knob & tube wires attached to yellowing switches).  So this electrical challenge was daunting.  But after some self-tutoring, I took the plunge.

Good-bye "flip" switch

Hello "rocker"!

It took me a little while to feel confident I got it right.  But when I flipped the breaker back on and Steve tested the new switch (he wouldn't let me tackle this project if he wasn't home - someone had to be there to call 911, right?), it worked!!

I love you

I was thrilled.  It was more than the fact that I brought a small corner of the blue & yellow kitchen up to was the accomplishment.  I DID IT!!

So I moved on to the dining room for another one.  This time there's a dimmer involved.....

Slider, meet Rocker

Did that too.  The best part?

I see you

Glow in the dark.  Bonus!

Two down.  Four to go.  On the first floor.

But...I'm thinking those sliders in the basement need to meet rocker, too.  Maybe I'll introduce him around on the second and third floor while he's here?

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