Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keep On Switchin'

I'm on a roll.  Getting pretty good at this switching switches thing, actually. 

I had two more tricky ones to tackle.

First up: Kitchen.

Which one doesn't belong?

 A little K&T (knob & tube) next to new wiring.  You don't scare me.

Bye Moose

I've lived with Mr. Moose since I moved to Canada 9 years ago.  But I can't say I'm sorry to see him go.

Much better

During the basement reno, the electrician tried to put all 3 switches in one box (the switches on the right control the basement entryway lighting, the switch on the left is one of two kitchen overhead lights).  Until he opened up Mr. Moose and found K&T.  Totally not a surprise. 

So...until we renovate the kitchen and update the overhead light wiring, separate switch panels for us.  Just need that fresh coat of paint to hide the patch job and I'm a happy camper.

Next up: Entryway.

Are you flipping me off?

Three in a row.  Bring it on.

Skinny Minis

Aside from the disgusting dust and dirt in there, I had to deal with making the hole bigger on the left (rockers are wider than a flip), tracing & maintaining the wire connections from one switch to another and finding longer screws to hold the switches in place.  That little guy on the left was just kinda dangling....

Rat's Nest
That's my fun.

Almost there!

Once I got to the final switch, I felt like a pro.


Ah Ha!!  I DID IT!  There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something handy when you are sooooo not a handyman-do-it-yourself kinda gal.

Time to clean up

That's my "telephone table" that became the work station.  (Rotary phone still worked up until I switched to Rogers Home Phone...damn you Rogers!!!)

I must have rocked those rockers about 30 times each to celebrate!!

First floor: complete.

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