Tuesday, December 06, 2011

No News is Good News

Oh no.  I haven't posted in almost a week.  I swore to myself I wouldn't let a week go by without saying SOMETHING.  Let me fill you in on the gory details of the last 6 days...

- George suddenly has 8 teeth instead of 6 - he only gets them 2 (or 4) at a time, poor guy...
- Holiday pictures of the boys complete
- Packers are 12-0
- The Gardner baby store is officially closed for business, poor Steve...

But while 2 of my 4 boys were in pain and suffering, I was officially able to break ground on my big, super exciting first DIY project.  I'm calling it "Project Winter"...cause I'm giving myself a whole season to git 'r done.

It's...the kitchen.

What a color combo
Lots of space
OK, these colors have to go
Love the storage
I don't love anything else

That was a little tour in one doorway to the kitchen and out the other.

Did you feel like you were in a rainbow?  Maybe thought - hey, blue and gold...go Vikes go!  (lame shout out to my high school)  Or did you say to yourself, "How has she lived with that for the last 8 years?"  That's my question exactly.

My plan is to paint the walls white and the cabinets dark grey.  Change out the hardware for a little sparkle.  And see what I can come up with to replace that awful tile countertop.  It's gotta be cheap.  Like, close to free.  Oh, and I want an undermount sink and gooseneck faucet to come with it....at least I have months to figure that part out.

As for officially breaking ground, here's the before and after.

adios goldie

hello primer!

I'm lovin' it!

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