Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mudroom - Part 1

Today is a very special day.  It's my dad's birthday.

It's also the day that Jake & Henry are at Grandma & Pop's house.  So you know what that means...Git 'R Done.

At first, I was going to finish painting the walls in the kitchen.  But the absence of two children and a husband's offer to take care of the third made me aim higher.  Tackling the mudroom, it is.

You may remember my entryway inspiration post from a few weeks back.  It's still haunting me.  The gorgeous rug and the breathtaking door.  LOVE!

Be mine

One big difference between that picture and my purple. 

So, today is Operation Elimination.  Here's some "before" and "currently" of midway through said operation:

First coat of primer

Oh boy.  I'm at that stage where I go...AAH!  What have I done!?  The primer isn't covering and I can't wipe it off. 

This is the darkest darn purple known to man.  So I've steadied myself for 3 coats of primer if need be.  grrrrr....


The prep picture here shows you the attempt by the previous owners at staging some sort of coat hook board thing. 

When we had kids, I immediately realized we needed something waaaay more functional.  So when I asked my super-handy step-father-in-law to install the current coat hanger/organizer, I was so mad that I couldn't figure out how to take the old board down without (probably) destroying the wall.  Instead, he just installed it right over the board.  The best part is, that board makes the organizer even more secure...because hanging anything from these century-old lath & plaster walls can be quite tricky!

Sorta hiding?

I was living with the mudroom in purple for so long.  I didn't love it, but it was tolerable. 

Then, as soon as we had the overhead light installed during our basement reno, the mudroom was sent up the totem pole.  Those patches were hideous!  They bothered me every time I walked in the front door.  Never seeing those again will be the best part of this project.

Eye-level patch - my nemesis
Getting better
Purple, I still see you

Definitely need more coats...

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