Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mudroom - Part 2

Purple be gone!


Do I look bigger?

Steve walked in halfway through the second coat and gave his approval.  Nice. 

I'm really seeing how a light color can make a small space feel B-I-G.  Not that my entryway is big by any means.  But purple wasn't doing it any favors.

Also got the patches taken care of:

Where are you?
Nemesis gone
Pretty rocker

I can't believe two coats got the job done.  I'm probably looking at two coats of paint.  It's my same favorite Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.  But with the hiding purple and blue-glow-white of the primer, I don't mind some extra elbow grease in the entryway.

Operation Elimination: complete!

Wait.  Too much white on the first floor now?  Where's the color, you say?  Stay tuned for my mirror idea...

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