Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stand Up For Yourself

Oh, George.  Why must you grow up so fast? 


One month.  That's all it took.  From rocking on all fours to crawling to speed crawling to pulling up and standing on anything.  And everything.  All the time.

But I admit, it's pretty darn cute seeing a 9 1/2 month old performing deep knee bends everywhere.

Nothing to hold onto here
I got it
Up next: deep knee bend #954

Other cute kid shots from last night:

You guessed it.  Standing.
Zombie hands

Then George had a bath.  I know.  Exciting.

I love water
Don't really fit in here anymore

But not before I snapped a shot of his latest face.

Am I surprised or scared?

George is funny.  He is a very chill, relaxed baby and doesn't scream or cry much.  But he makes these crazy expressions on his face. 

My guess is that he's just constantly freaked out of being crushed or run over by his two older brothers.  He needs to stop standing and start running.  Wait, did I just say that!?

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