Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Demolition Days

We finally vacated the property - thank goodness! 

I documented the empty house before we left.  Demolition started immediately.  Our contractor emails pictures daily. 

Here's a bunch of before & afters.  Catch your jaw before it drops to the floor ;)

First up, the staircase.  The only thing we're keeping intact on the whole first level.



Uh, yeah...yikes!  Come on in a little further and have a look at the livingroom.


Yes, that's scaffolding.  And, yes, those are multiple layers of ceiling on the floor.

Turn around and have a look at the dining room.


Gonzo.  Look at all that light!  We're eliminating that small far right window for a range hood.  And replacing the window and door on the back wall with a slider and transom.  It will be a flood of light!!

Let's walk back into the kitchen. 


All I can say is...look at that staircase!  I've never seen it from the kitchen!!

Quick, look to the right.


Ok, found the chimney.  But we're hiding it again behind a powder room & pantry.

Walk forward to the shared wall and look toward the front door.

Hallway be gone!  Almost.  But it will be, soon. 

So, what's going on upstairs?  Less wall removal.  Ok, I lied.

Guest Room Before
Guest Room After
The wall between the Guest and Boys rooms is gone.  It was side-by-side closets (one for each) that we've decided to swap.  Meaning, guest gets closet location that was boys and vice versa.  I'm so amazed by the demolition work that I don't make sense anymore.

You can see that we're replacing baseboards, leveling and installing new flooring up here.  Depending on the structural requirements for the main floor (we may scale back based on finding good, solid, shared-wall-to-outside-wall joists), the exterior walls may come down here, too.  Cross your fingers for spray foaming both floors ;)

That's it for before and afters.  But here's a parting shot of the entryway.  I've never seen this much exposed.  It was allllll walls before.  So, picture a big white wall connected to another white wall and a door.  Now this:



Can it really get better than this!?!?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ode To A Really Great Stove

This is it.  The beginning is upon us. 
We are saying goodbye to random things as we go.

Tonight, it's the stove.

Goodbye uneven stove.

You're missing a rear left leg.  But you've made impressive meals.  Saved me with simple pasta.  Baked birthday cakes, seared mouthwatering steaks, and cooked authentic Spanish tortillas.

I can't complain. 

Thanks for the memories.  Good luck in your new home.
I'm sure you'll serve them well.

It's been a great 10 years...

...bring on the demolition!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I've been quiet on the blog...which means I've been busy at home. 

But I've been struggling.  Because none of it seems very blog-worthy.  In fact, it's all opposite of what I've posted.  Everything I've done.  Now it's un-done.  This is not progress.  Well, you could argue this is progress, just in a different way. 

Progress toward demolition.


Here goes:

BEFORE - organized mudroom
AFTER - hooks drilled into cleat
BEFORE - styled livingroom
AFTER - basement couch, coffee table gone, rug rolled
BEFORE - dining room
AFTER - table & chairs sold, pictures away, staging area
BEFORE - dining room other view
AFTER - boxes for storage, goodwill pile
BEFORE - welcoming basement
AFTER - 1/2 an ikea kitchen, rolled rugs, bannister removed

I'm documenting "befores" of the 1st and 2nd floor.  I'm mega-stressing over clearing out half a house.  I'm dreading/anxious to be moving into a local furnished apartment for three months. 

I can't wait to get this party started...!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Selling Off

I've had little to report around the house...because it's go time.

For example:

Guest Room - a week ago
Guest Room - today
Multiply this room by 7 (including a kitchen) and that's how much work there is to do.  I don't think I've felt this stressed since...um...well...  No, giving birth was easier.  We came home after a couple days.  With this, we're out for three months.

Back to craigslisting, boxing and bagging up!