Thursday, September 10, 2015

And Then School Started

The summer was long and short.  I clearly remember the very last day of school, since it was just yesterday, saying to the handful of teachers I followed out the front door, "I can't wait until September 8!"

Which was totally just yesterday.  -ish.

Anyway, on September 8, these fools started school.

Henry, George, Jake

Jake is starting 4th grade, which is obviously as hilarious to him as it is to me.  He's not almost 10.  He's my baby that is now 100 lbs.  In a size 5 1/2 shoe.  Who is starting to smell stinky.  See?  He and I are doubled over in laughter.

Henry is starting 3rd grade, which is clearly unbelievable to him, too.  It's inconceivable that he's almost 8.  Don't even try telling me he's going to learn cursive.  And be part of organized sports at school.  No.  No way.  Not happening.

And on September 8, George wasn't starting school.  But try telling him that.  It didn't go over well...

Instead, he started today.


Today, I packed three backpacks.  It was amazing.  I will make three lunches every morning.  I will!  Because I am making three.  All three. 

Did you hear me say three???

First Day

When we got to school, of course he took the obligatory photo in front of the handmade school sign. 

Because...who doesn't want a picture in front of the handmade school sign?

Blue Eyes

His brothers bolted to their friends.  So I took him by the hand to line up.  Then tried to take a million pictures, of which none turned out.  No kisses.  No smiles.  All business.  Then I snuck this one of ol' blue eyes.

I Got This

His teacher led the line inside, and he followed the girl in front of him to the double doors.  I called his name and he turned around.  Typical George.  The eyebrow.  Just like his dad.  I sent this picture to my mom and she spotted it right away.

I spent the day working at home, but thought about George ALL DAY.  Surely he peed in his pants.  I bet he got tired or bored and started whining & crying.  Which little kid did he pick a fight with...


"Mom! I had a cupcake because today was my friend's birthday!"

Now, that's the best first day ever.