Friday, October 30, 2015

And Then I Turned 40

It was actually two weeks ago today.  But I celebrated it with my husband three weeks ago today.  And with my girlfriends a week and a half ago today. 

Yet, finally, today...I am really truly enjoying it. 

The best part?  I celebrated my birthday day with my family.  My mom, dad, brother and sister all came in town for the annual visit to celebrate Henry's birthday.  So they all happened to be here on my day.  Planned but not planned.  Unintentional.  But totally great. 

I made my better half take a picture of the five of us to mark the occasion.  But because I'm old now, and it happened to be taken after dinner AND dessert, I'm just going to share the dessert picture.


When my kids were little, we used to celebrate "donut day", which meant we ran to Tim Horton's every Saturday morning to get donuts.  Now that they're getting bigger, "donut day" has gone to the wayside.  But whenever my dad is in town, he keeps the tradition alive.  So when he got a box of donuts that Friday afternoon, we couldn't help but use them as part of the celebration.  

Unintentionally totally great. 

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